What’s Your Choice? (Awake or Asleep–You’re making it either way)

Welcome to My Blog! As I sit down to compose my first message, I am struck by the enormity of such an act. I am reaching through the ether to speak to you–whoever you are–and I am suddenly aware of all the things I might say. I want to encourage you to keep your heart unshaken as you proceed through your life. I want to tell you that you are not a victim, trapped in the circumstance of whatever you face. You have a choice to make in this moment: what is it?

I love the William James quote “will you or won’t you have it so?”  It reminds me of the opportunity we have to choose consciously in any given moment. It tells me that we have power–even if we don’t always feel powerful. It makes a promise that we can always return our attention to our own conscious decision-making and choose on behalf of something larger than our fear. We can choose on behalf of love–our own loving presence in the world.

Will you or won’t you have it so?  What IS it you will choose? What is the most loving thing you can do in this moment? We make the choice either way–whether we are conscious or not. In our unconscious choice, we choose fear; we choose to listen to the voice in our head that would keep us small. When we are conscious, we have the opportunity to create anything. We become agents of love.

My conscious choice today is this: to choose love over fear. In this moment, I choose to brave the ether and send this message! <3 Laurel

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