I am not the Boss of you!

One of the pitfalls that comes with coaching people happens when they give me the role of being their “judge.” I feel so sad about this because if they knew the truth of how much I care and love and support them, they could never think that I could criticize them in any way. This work that we do to uncover our True Self from the heap of old stories is not easy work. It requires patience and practice. We none of us get to be perfect in this work–least of all me . How could I judge another and find them wanting when I know SO well the difficulty we all face when we choose love over fear?

There is a delicious tipping point, however, when we release the fear, judgment and shame of “getting it wrong.” We slip into the warm bath of our own peace and love. Thank you–all of you–who are willing to face the cold grip of your own fear and release it! That single move helps me so much, just as it helps everyone on the planet! I am not the Boss of you! Only YOU can choose love over fear. I’ll be loving you from here!

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