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New Book: “The Truest Things I Know”

“This book is elegant in its simplicity and gorgeous in its message–a MUST read!”

~ Amy Stockbridge, Women First

“If you want to change your life, read this book!”

~ Suzanne DiMarco, Sustainable Life, Inc.

The Truest Things I Know takes the reader through five gateways of potential learning — fear, scarcity, dishonesty, death and blame — to show them how to transform all that darkness into positive “truth” about their own essential nature.

Truest Things includes tools to deconstruct the pain and hardship in our lives, to actually convert those hardships into joy — this book will bring strength to any situation by encouraging the reader to return to their own loving awareness as a place of insight, abundance and joy.

Welcome to Our Imagined Life

What is YOUR original contribution to the world?

At Our Imagined Life, we believe that each of us has an original contribution to make to the world. It is as simple as the choices we make. When we choose to align our integrity with our actions, we ensure the integrity of the world. It is a simple maxim by which we live: “no matter what happens to me, I always have the choice to respond in alignment with my deepest principles and beliefs–to respond with truth.” This is the foundation upon which all our work is built — and the uniqueness of your contribution. What will you choose today?


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