Sweet Mystery of Life (and how it all works)

“The number of habitable worlds in our galaxy is certainly in the tens of billions, minimum, and we haven’t even talked about the moons.

And the number of galaxies we can see, other than our own, is about 100 billion.”

– Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer at California’s SETI Institute

I believe in intelligent design in the Universe. I believe that the tens of billions of planets capable of sustaining life as we know it–probably do. With those two over-arching beliefs: intelligent design + billions of life-sustaining planets, I can see a system–greater than any we have developed here on earth–emerging, which is governed by a higher set of principles and physics than we know: love and compassion. The love and compassion that governs the flow in which we participate is far more vast than many of us can conceive. It extends beyond our notions of justice, of right and wrong. It allows for more variety of expression than good and bad. It holds this experience called earth with curiosity rather than fear. The love and compassion which governs this Universe is tangible in the form of our human bodies.

Let’s consider, just for a moment, the possibility that we are loving beings: formed from the subtle energy of love and compassion and spread around the Universe for various lessons, insights and awakenings. Our physical bodies allow us to experience different physical sensations, but they also distract us from our true nature: love ─ and they confuse us into believing that we are individuals ─ rather than a collective energetic community. My body gives me the illusion of separateness, but so does everyone else’s. Add to that conundrum the fact that we live on a planet governed by fear and fear-based systems, and it isn’t surprising that so many people are suffering. They have lost their way in the fog of fear which surrounds this planet, and have forgotten their true nature.

You know who you are. One of the signals of your awakening to your true nature is your yearning for something more. Do you find yourself thinking: “I know there is more going on here”? The reason you are yearning for more, and perhaps mistakenly looking for it with food, or money, or relationships, is that deep down inside your awareness–there IS more: more love, more joy, more freedom from fear and more abundance–not the fake kind, which The Secret promised you–but the real love that built this Universe– the stardust from which we are all created.

So–how does it all work?

The loving energy flows like an infinity loop or a torus, like the tides of the ocean or your own breathing in and out. We breathe in life; we experience the fullness of our lungs breathing this air on this planet. We love; we live and we die. Our physical bodies return to the earth and our subtle, energetic bodies return to the loving energy which created us. We may return here or not. We have been here before and we have been to other places. The Universe is vast and the experience is limitless. This IS the experience–to be here on this planet as fully and wakefully as we can be.

We all have at least one spiritual guide who stands beside us in subtle energetic form. The loving energy, which they provide us, is infinite. For some, it is inconceivable. Your spiritual guide is governed by one simple law: non-interference. They cannot step into your life without an explicit invitation. That is, you must ask for help. Once you bow your head and ask for help, notice your energy change. Let yourself become quiet, peaceful. Do not grab at a quick answer or an answer which you wanted to hear. You spiritual guides are loving you–and that love will make you stronger, more aware and able to clear your mind. You may ask your spiritual guides ANY question and get an answer. When I asked my spiritual guides what I should do with my gifts, they told me to write this blog.

I wish you the joy of finding your true nature and the answer to the yearning which pushes you from idea to idea, from distraction to distraction. You ARE love and you are loved more than you can imagine. Allow yourself the gift of holding that truth, quietly in your heart, and watch your life change around you. No fear, no pain, no suffering–just for this moment, hold pure joy and breathe it in.

Help me test my durable beliefs by asking me questions about the difficulties you face. I am here to help you and to encourage you to live fully aligned with the truth of who you are! When we answer life’s questions with love and compassion, we change the world!

With love,


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