Knowing Beyond Knowing: Intuition

Intuition is a popular subject these days. References to it saturate social media. I see everything from advice on how to improve my intuition, to tests to discover whether or not I am psychic. When I read these articles about intuition, it feels like another way to pressure myself into being more spiritual. These articles seem to be asking: how can you call yourself a spiritual person, if you are not in touch with your intuition?  I take a different view.

My spiritual guides speak to me in many ways. I see pictures flash across my mental screen; I suddenly “remember” something completely random and out of context; I have a vague feeling of caution about something; I have an idea that causes me to say, “wouldn’t it be funny if . . .. ”  I have learned over the years that these are the ways my spiritual guides speak to me. They use my intuition. Intuition is the connection we all share with our subtle energetic selves and each other.  Intuition IS knowledge. It is information that is passing through our own awareness into our conscious minds. It is a function of who we truly are and isn’t something for which we can be tested. All of us come into life with intuitive capacities built right in! What we do with those capacities is entirely a matter of free will.

It is tempting to make intuition seems special–almost magical, but as soon as we make it magical or unique, we close the door through which we must pass to use our own. Intuition doesn’t make us special; it doesn’t separate us–it connects us. Everyone has intuition; it’s not just a girl-thing or a Scorpio-thing: it is a human thing. Though intuition isn’t magical, it is helpful.  It gives us a knowing–beyond knowing–beyond our rational mind’s way of proving that something is so. My spiritual guides tell me that the rational mind is in the business of validating the intuitive mind and that is a healthy process, just in case we go overboard with the woo-woo. Here’s an example of an intuitive piece of information I received last week.

My husband lost his wallet. He was in hurrying to make it to an appointment on time and becoming frustrated, so I offered to help–even though I had no idea where to look. He had already checked the usual places where he keeps his wallet, so we were travelling blind. I was secretly glad to have a chance to practice my intuition, so I sat down, closed my eyes and asked my guides where to look. I saw myself standing in an unusual place in our sunroom. I stood up, went into the sunroom and stood in that spot, quietly for a minute or two. I looked around the room in a relaxed way, before noticing his wallet on the top of a camping container under a folded bag. I picked it up and took it to my husband, who was thrilled.

Now–modern psychology would tell us that I had seen the wallet and was simply remembering it from an unconscious glance I had taken around that room. Other skeptics, seeking to minimize the veracity of intuition, would say that I have experience with where to look for my husband’s lost objects–but, consider this: I had not seen the wallet. It was hidden under a folded bag and until I stood at that exact spot, I had no way of noticing it was there. Also, my husband’s memory could not have helped him, because the wallet had fallen out of his pocket onto the container as he unloaded the car from our recent trip. He could not have known it was there. I could not have known it was there. My spiritual guides call this: validation. They like validation. In fact, it is one of the ways you can tell if you are receiving intuitive information or just making shit up. All intuition requires validation.

So, what is the purpose of intuition? Intuition is one more way we have to validate ideas and events in our lives, so that we can stay in alignment with the truth of who we are. We when are awake to the love that surrounds all of us, the love we came from and the love we share here in this human miracle of existence, our intuition is a tuning-fork we can use to discern the right-ness of things as they emerge in our lives. Have you ever had an experience when you just KNEW that something wasn’t quite right? It wasn’t a magical feeling, in fact, maybe it was an uncomfortable feeling. Somehow, you just KNEW. Hopefully, you listened to that feeling. I’ve heard people tell stories about avoiding horrific events by listening to their intuition. I’m happy they were not hurt, but I’m also sorry that it takes a dramatic event to get people’s attention. Intuition can be helpful in every situation–not just the horrific ones.

Day-to-day, we can use our intuition to help us discern many situations, people and events. The intuitive information is like a message, sitting at the edge of your awareness, waiting for you pick it up. Try it now: as you are reading this blog, what is the information that is sitting at the edge of your awareness? Does this blog remind you of something you had forgotten? Do you notice a physical sensation? Do you feel a rush of emotion? Are you excited to consider the amazing power you have built in to your consciousness? This is the message from your intuition–pick up your messages!

I would love to hear what your experiences with intuition have been. Please comment in the section below. I will not post any comments that are marked PRIVATE, so feel free to tell me about your experience.

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PS> We are planning a Women’s Retreat in October which will be focusing on Intuition and Spiritual Guides, if this is a topic which interests you!

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