Where Are Your Feet?

As we step into this New Year, full of exciting changes and opportunities, it seems worth taking a moment to think about our feet. If you’re like me, you probably don’t spend too much time thinking about your feet. For most of us, our feet just take us where we want to go. If they’re cold, we warm them. If our shoes are uncomfortable, we take them off. Depending on the climate around your home, you may not even wear shoes at all. I live in Canada where the snow is two feet deep, so I have warm socks on my feet right now; they are comfortable and waiting for my next activity.
Why should we think about our feet? Well, why should we think about anything in particular? I mean, our feet are just as good as anything else to think about—perhaps even better than thinking about our worries, our fears and our problems. My feet are a blessing I rarely count. My feet support me. They hold me in this world. They touch the earth and anchor my legs as I walk around. I thought it might be a good thing to spend time thinking about my feet. As I place the focus of my attention on my feet, I find myself returning to this moment. In this moment, my feet fill my awareness. I can breathe. I can quiet my mind and quiet all the stories that may be running about upcoming events and activities, the stories about things I could be doing better, the noise of self-criticism. I can look at my feet. They are here. I am here.
Now I can think about my ankles, my legs and body, my shoulders, my face and my head. I can place the focus of attention entirely in this present moment on my body. What is the affect of that? I can focus on my breathing. I can breathe into my intention to savor this moment. What is in this moment? Stillness! From this place of quiet attention anything is possible. What I choose to do next is purely conscious. From this place of pure awareness, my feet can take me anywhere!

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