Playing with the IS-ness

Huh?  What’s that? –you ask.

As we turn the focus of our attention back to our own quiet center, we are also re-turning our attention to the IS-ness: that which is arising in this moment. Right now, we are all sitting, standing, walking (whatever) in the IS-ness: the moment which is arising now. In the IS-ness everything is “knowable”–it sounds impossible, but let me explain.

As I return my attention to my own awareness, I begin to notice all the energy in and around me. I have information from a variety of sources avaliable to me in this moment. I have physical information about my body: as an individual, but also as a part of the microcosm in which I sit: my location, the temperature of the room, the weather outside, the sounds, the smell of the breeze coming in my window. All that physical information pours in. Emotionally, I have more information available. All my emotions, all that subtle energy provides more detail and nuance to this moment. Now, I relax and look into the causal energy which surrounds me. My mind, my intuition and the deep peace of my own centered awareness provides me with many flashes and insights. In this moment, I have all the relevant information I need to be and do and think and feel. I can even see the story-telling begin on my own egoic view screen. –and I breathe.

Now that I can sit in the center of my own awareness, I can play with the IS-ness of this moment. I can breathe it in, deeply. I can hold the spaciousness available to me in each breath. Right now, I am perfectly connected to the IS-ness: that which is arising in this moment. I can watch insights and flashes of my own intuition giving me additional information about my life, the world and eternity.

I realize this may sound “out there,” but nothing could be further from the truth. There is no “out there”–there is only IS-ness and anything that takes the focus of my attention away from this is a distraction. Now, my task (if there is one), is to move through my day experiencing the IS-ness of each moment. I need not sit upon a cushion and meditate because I am a walking meditation. I greet each moment as a fresh experience.

Happy Monday! I wish you all the joy of this moment.

With love,  Laurel

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