19Feb, 2013

Change Your Password

Do you ever have trouble remembering your password?? Why not use your passwords to give yourself an affirmation. Now that we have to log in for EVERYTHING, I have discovered that I remember mine much more easily when I use a positive affirmation–a feel-good statement–that makes me smile.
Here’s how it works: Think of something nice to say to yourself, like–I have a good heart. Now, you convert it into password lingo: Ihavagd<3!! Do you want to affirm more financial abundance? Why not Ihav6M$$ as your password? I love my life becomes I<3mylif**. If you're feeling sweet about your new relationship, you can carve your initials on every website you touch with L+D=<34Ever.
The systems don't care which letters and symbols you use, so why not take the opportunity to give yourself a feel-good moment and send your positive message out into the world in code. Heaven knows we could all use a little more positive enrgy coming into the world in any form. . . .and by the way, these are MUCH harder to hack than your initials, your birthday, or your child's first step. 🙂



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